Taking Care of Potted Plants

 One can take care of the potted plants very easily by means of some easy ways. Choosing the correct pot is the first step that is to be performed before potting the plant, as drainage is also important for your plant.

Watering them regularly but do not overwater your plant as it starts rotting in the roots of the plant. Give Proper light to your plant as required to complete the process of photosynthesis. Use good potting soil as it makes the growth of plant faster. Keep the potting soil moist. It is important to make sure that the soil is not too wet, not too dry.

Also, keep an eye on temperature either increasing or decreasing as much increase and decrease in temperature can harm your plant. If your plant is an outside plant, you'll also have to think about the things like rain and how this will affect your watering schedule. If you are going to pot a plant, either indoor or outdoor, you must think about pets like rabbits, squirrels and all other kinds of animals who would just love to get a taste of your plant. The pets can spoil your plant in this way.

Also, determine what species of plant you have so you can take good care of that plant as required for it. Mix liquid fertilizer in your watering can provide for better growth of your plant. Spray the fertilizer directly on the top of the soil according to package directions. Always try to use warm water for your plant, as cold water can shock the roots and cause damage to your plant. Take a mechanical sprayer and spray the pesticides on your plants from time to time to make them safe from all types of outdoor bugs and harmful insects.


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